how to convert from double to float?

hi, i've created this code to get the sin(x) value, but it keeps crashing my program when i run it.

#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>
using namespace std;
double calc_sin(double x) {
return sin(x);
int main()
for (float x =0; x<2; x+=0.1) {
cout << x << "\t" << calc_sin(x) << endl; // call calc_sin()
return 0;

the bold part is where i'm having trouble.
What is the point of the calc_sin() function? All it does it call sin(). And what is the error when you program crashes? It looks okay to me. In any case, I think what you want is calc_sin(static_cast<double>(x)). This will force a conversion from float to double.

Also, I recommend you don't use for loops based on floats, since the impercision caused by the comparsion could cause the loop to run forever.
i was learning how to call the functions. i just changed all the doubles to float and it solved the problem. i will try your answer as well. thank you for the reply.
oh, the error when my program crashes was that it kept going at 0.909297
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