$80 000 for the Best Programmers!

Programmers, both experts and beginners, have a great chance to earn $80 000. Registration of the Sixth Annual Automated Trading Championship 2012 has already started. The Championship is a competition of robots trading in Forex market according to some definite strategy prepared by their authors. The robots will carry out trade deals within three months. The more profit they will make, the higher they will be in the competition ranking table. The prize fund will impress everyone who wants to join the automated trading. The winner will get $40 000, the second-place conqueror – $25 000 and the third-place one – $15 000. We hope, this is quite a convincing reason to take part in the battle of trading robots.

Are you an active programmer in C++ and other object-oriented programming languages? Then we invite you to take part in ATC 2012. You still have time to study MQL5 programming language designed for creating trading strategies! You will not have any problems with that, as MQL5 is based on C++ concept and its syntax is similar to that of C++. Therefore, it will be easy to adapt a code written in any of the modern programming languages to MQL5.

We invite all aspiring programmers to participate in the Championship, show their skills and win the impressive money prize! Prove that your trading robot is the most profitable. Moreover, prove that it is profitable not by accident, but because you are an experienced programmer worthy of the highest reward!

Participate and win! http://championship.mql5.com/2012/en
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If I could create an algorithm good enough to accurately predict the foreign exchange markets I wouldn't need the $40,000 (OR my job as a programmer!) 8~P
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