loading xml file from memory (hard disk)

I need help regarding how we can load xml file from loacal file system in C++
Writing your own parser is not a great idea in my opinion.
You can use some library for that. For example, tinyxml (http://github.com/leethomason/tinyxml2 ) or Qt (it's a fully fledged cross-platform GUI framework, but it also has an XML module - http://qt.nokia.com/ ).
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I use Boost for this, personally. I can help with "getting started" or implementation hiccups you come across.

Boost Property Tree

You can read/write XML very easily using this. I just linked you the tutorial I used way back when, you can grab the latest boost from their website, I don't think it requires anything but headers.
thnx for the help. I will read these links. btw links in the first post are not working.
Yep, they pick up the brace :) I modified the post.
thanks for the help of all you guys.... I have managed to parse xml using tinyxml.

Thanks again
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