C++ errors?

I want to learn programming, and landed at C++
I'm very new at coding, but my problem lies at the start of it all

- Getting it to work.


the line at the bottom says "System doesn't find the required file."

I can't understand why it doesn't find it. I'm following the tutorial shown when first opening the program, but mine just errors.

The last time I tried, it worked. But then when I tried to run it, it ran the previous file I worked on, from some other tutorial. so instead of saying "Hello, World!" it said "Hello World, I'm a C++ program!"

What's happening? Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance
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You're missing a double-quote (") before "Hello":

int main(/*...*/)
    std::cout << "..."; 
    // ----------^ Here

You shouldn't look at the message box. You should look the actual error (in the Output window, there at the bottom). You can also go into View->Errors and Warnings (or similar) and it shows in a grid all the errors and warnings.
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Not only do I feel stupid for that mistake, but cause it now works, I must have had that mistake in my past 3 attempts. Making me feel three times as stupid. :p

But thank you!
And somehow, it now shows this one I'm working on now.
Might be cause I just reinstalled, so it kinda have to show this one. I don't know. But thank you again. :)
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