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Hi all,
While I have posted a few posts in this forum, I understand that I still haven't used all of this site's features yet, because I didn't know to use them. I have written a program that builds, and that runs without errors. However, when I exit (only after I exit) the program I get a runtime check error.

I have tried to debug the code, but it gives me no information. I have checked, and double checked my code, I have checked the input file for input errors to make sure the coding is correct, but I cannot find why I get the runtime error. Rollie responded to my post, asking for more information, but my code is too long to post, and so I must try personal contacts. What is E-mail chat on this forum, and how is it done? How do I go about contacting someone by E-mail chat, or E-mail? I use Windows 7 (64 bit) OS and Visual Studio C++ Pro as my IDE. Thanks for your replies
Why don't you just post the traceback error you are getting and see if anyone recognizes the problem?

You can try to private message (PM) people but the whole point of a forum is to share the knowledge so you may not get any positive responses that way. You just click on any members name, which takes you to their page, then click the "Send Private Message" link on the left of the page...

Still it would be better to simplify your code in a way that still shows the error. Post that and explain what you've done trying to de-bug it.
Regarding how to ask for help, I agree with cnoeval.

Regarding your problem, my first thought would be that you have threading issues: It might be that you are closing your program which causes certain objects to be deleted which are called by secondary threads before they are killed.

But I would need much more info to be sure :)
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