Good reference for c++ interview questions

Can anyone suggest any good reference for c++ interview questions!?

Short c++ puzzles frequently asked by interviewer!?
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unkn00wn wrote:
"Can anyone suggest any good reference for c++ interview questions!?"

unkn00wn wrote:
"Short c++ puzzles frequently asked by interviewer!?"

The closest thing I can think of is

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IMO, the best way to navigate an interview is to just know the language. A good interviewer will be able to tell if you actually know what you're talking about or if you're just answering "interview questions".
Read a book like Programming Interviews Exposed. It will help with not just particular questions but how to talk through the thought process which is what the interviewer wants to hear. Interviewing problems are not just Boolean as in, "Yes I've heard that one before or no, I have no idea how to proceed."

The whole trick is not to lie about anything in person or on paper. It's amazingly simple to prove competence on things that you've actually done.
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Thanks to all of you for your responses,

Disch, yes i agree with you, but what i was looking for is short programming puzzles and way to represent what i already know.

Again, thanks for all you references.
I feel like I might need to brush up on my planning knowledge just in case someone actually calls for an interview!
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