SQL Injection in C

I dont have any idea from making a HTTP request using C. All i want to learn is how to make SQL request using C. I will just online use it for educational purposes. Can I have any example. Thanks for the help guys. I just want to learn.
HTTp request and SQL request are completely different things, please decide which one you are interested for. For HTTP requests I recommend using libcurl:

For SQL requests, usualy every SQL server comes with a dedicated library to use.
by the way thanks for the help. I would like to do an SQL Request but i have no knowledge how to program it in c. i only know some of c programmings without curl. Can you help me about the SQL request? Thanks a lot modoran.
SQL injection abuses an unfiltered SQL input so that you can inject arbitrary code. You don't need C to do it unless you want to automate a data mining process or something. SQL is a different language you'll need to learn.

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