MySQL-Connctor linking question

Hello guys,

I've added all 3 shared object files to my linker and also the static libary.
But now my programm says (Yes, I can execute it) that:
[Dir]:error while loading shared libaries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I don't know what to do now, but "" is one of these 3 files.

Thanks in advance.
Show your build command
Well, I work with Code::Blocks so i dont type any commands...
Show the command that Code::Blocks uses
Or generate a makefile.

learn to use your IDE
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Another question which is probably my error: Where to add shared object files? (IDE: Code::Blocks)
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Showing build command
Settings->Compiler and debugger...
   Global compiler settings
      Other settings (last tab)
         Compiler logging: Full command line

You could check in "Build log"

To add libraries
Project->Build options
   Linker settings

To add you will put mysqlcppconn
If it does not follow the name convention use the full path.

$ g++ -c -Wall -ggdb main.cpp #compiling
#linking, relative and full paths, libraries (specifying the path to look)
$ g++ main.o /tmp/other.o -lmysqlcppconn -L/home/ne555/ -lmagic -o program.bin
Well.. I found an other solution.
I just added these shared objects to my project folder and it worked well. :)
Thanks any way.
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