DInamic Arrays

Hi everyone!!!

I'm writing code which has an array and i have to decrement it while ANY of it's elements is > 0. I'm doing it using following code:

int ar[4] ={10};

while(ar[0] >0 || ar[1] >0 || ar[2] >0 || ar[3] >0){
 for(int i=0; i<4; i++)
    ar[i] -= 2;

it works ok, until the point in the code when i have to dynamically increase the array size. After that I don't know already how many elements are there in my array. Thus the condition

while(ar[0] >0 || ar[1] >0 || ar[2] >0 || ar[3] >0){

is no longer valid.

My question is there any way how to set the condition of doing something with the array while ANY of it's elements are/is still greater than 0 without specifying the concrete size of the array?
Like in shell script you can do something like while(ar[@] > 0)...
Is there something like this in c++?

Thank you in advance!!!
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If you can't use a container type that keeps track of its own size, keep track of the size of the array yourself.
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Actually I'm not trying to keep truk of array size. I'm trying to find out if ALL the elements of the array are less tan zero.

and the example I gave is the only way I can think to solve this problem.

My problem is I don't know how many are there elements in the array to make the condition like this:

while(ar[0] >0 || ar[1] >0 || ar[2] >0 || ar[3] >0..... ar[n] > 0){

Because I I don't know the size of n after the array would be incremented.
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Because I I don't know the size of n after the array would be incremented.

If you don't know this, how is it being incremented? Do you not have access to the code that does the incrementation?
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