Qt = cpp ????

Hi guys,
I`ve once asked what you would have to do, if you wanted to do programming, where you also do the visual programming. The tipps have been: Try QT.
I`ve just looked at a tutorial, but it looks like a totally different language!!! I mean, everything I have learned about the "normal" cpp, where you can use cout, for-loop, int, char... All this suddenly is nonexisting, meaning is not to be used in QT programming. So now I wonder, aren`t these two different languages? All I wanted to do, is maybe create a little program with some visual programming, but now I suddenly feel, as if I have learned the wrong language for 1 month. I mean, I suddenly can`t use ANYTHING I have learned about "normal" cpp (with the black window appearing). So did I learn everything for nothing?

Please help me, I am panic`ing!
You probably haven't learned C++ just C. And yes QT is really C++.
Just having a cpp doesn't mean that you coded any concepts of C++.

cout is part of the standard library that comes with C++, but it's not part of the language.
for-loop, int, char...
is what you still need even for QT

So did I learn everything for nothing?
No, you're facing a higher hurdle (from kid to adult) and now you're asking if that's the same competition.

Yes, it is.
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