attractions in C++

so i am done with my project. it is very long.
now i want to add some attractions like colors and so on
i want my program to look attractive but i dont know how
anyone can help me???
Broad question. I know nothing about your program right now. If you're just looking for a GUI, qt is very nice, though it's kind of large. It's also cross platform so that helps.
dont care about my program :)
i just want to know how to color the output line and color the black screen
i am new to C++ so i dont really know what u mean by:
GUI, qt.
can u explain more pls
if u can give me ready codes for using colors it will be good
thanks in advance
GUI = graphical user interface. Pretty much every application these days has a GUI. If it's not a command line, it's a GUI.

If you want to add color to a console/terminal, I'm gonna say it's a waste of time. Useless skill, might as well go learn an actual GUI framework. You can do it, but it's OS dependent and you'll never use that knowledge again.
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