explain this statement

in this statement,is 32 being stored first and after this it is being printed on the screen?.am asking this question because,if we use a statement sizeof(32) we get 32= 2 bytes.
cout is an ostream which has an << operator for formating integers, so 32 is passed as an argument to the operator << function in the same way as you pass an integer to any other function, so 32 is "stored" on the stack as part of the function call.
so, thats why sizeof(32) =2 bytes?
32 is a short integer, which is 2 bytes in length.

32 - is an integral constant of type int (not short int as it was said above) . So it means that 2 is sizeof( int ) on your system
because 32 is a integer in a C++ computer language integer requires two bytes
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