Should I get Stroustrups book on Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++?

I can get it at close to 50% off (for $42) :D

I am already getting C++ Primer 5th ed by Lippman for C++11, and the 2nd ed of C++ standard library by Josuttis (in a similar sale)

I would have liked to get the Stroustrups' book, but its C++98
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Yes to the title !
TBH - I'm not going to buy any C++ (language) books for a while - until they have been updated to match C++11 - they are expensive enough as it is.


Pay $250 for something that is available for $30?

EDIT: Unless one is writing a C++ compiler, N3242 which is still available for free download should suffice.
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+1 JLBorges.
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