c++ 3d game engine request

could anyone please code my 3d game engine i seriously will give a lot credit for the engine please help me because i need it now bad i can wait a few weeks or a month im not that unreasonble i cant go coding it myself because it wont be good but also if the person codes it i want the source files so i can learn how to make all the tools from scratch

how i want it structured

file 1 (the physical tools)
layout tool,cutscene editor,game creator tool,model viewer,server
file 2 (resources)
file 3 (source code)
source code files txt or other c++ format
file 4 (config tools)
server config,game options and battle type eg FPS,turn based or action based

the game creator functions

eventing (like rpg maker)
database with like weapons armor party and skills (also like rpg makers database you know how you can edit it)
all the functions of rpg maker ace in the eventing plus new ones
change skybox
change lighting

also a new function in relation to the server
player vs player match event features
online trading of items and gear
create guilds

look i understand im asking for a lot but please help me i promise you will get A LOT of credit and i mean A LOT i do also understand how hard it is you can tell me how long your gonna take i will be very flexible

i will not give this engine to anyone and you can use it in your games
you can once your done email it to me

but look i need help and bad this is one thing the i need help with

alright dont go saying "oh its too hard" because i know some of you guys are skilled coders thanks look foward to hearing from you :)

im not begging i just badly and i mean in big bold words BADLY need help and i will give huge amounts of credit to whoever does this thanks :)

if your not supposed to make requests please dont be harsh because im new here

I guess that's an illusion.

Take a look at this:

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There are already open source game engines that are good to read. Doom3 comes to mind, if you buy the game off steam you can compile it and use it's content and modify the game to test any changes or functions of the game.
If by "credit" you mean "money", then I'm in.
Creating a 3d engine is no walk in the park. People will want to be compensated monetarily for the amount of that takes.
already tried irrclht anyway thanks for trying to help
a framework for 3D rendering and game development for Python and C++ programs.
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