Hi.Here's my code:
     char s[7]="76111";
     cout << s-- ;

Why do I get error on the last line?
Please run it on other platforms too.Mine is winxp SP3.
Thanks in advance!
Because you're accessing memory you shouldn't.
But I don't get error in
char *s="74\01203";
cout << s--;

Why is that?
Just because you do something wrong doesn't mean you get an error. Sometimes you are unlucky and it "works" anyway.
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What do you think it will do? You are moving down the string, not up it.
What are you trying to do, maybe we can help you with it
I just want to test where I get syntax error
you haven't told us what the error is yet, hint: it normally shows up at the bottom of the screen after you try and build the project
I guess I found the problem.It wasprobably modifying the constant pointer.I will report any other problem I find later.
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