How do I find out what is pushed in the stack

I am using Visual Studio and I have this C++ recursive program. When I call the recursive function and it pushes local variable in the stack. how can I see what is in the stack.

Is it in the View tab?
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Set a breakpoint at the recursive call and run the debugger. Then use the "Step Into" button to step as far in as you need. Go to the Debug menu -> Windows, and open up the "Call Stack" and "Locals" windows. In the Call Stack window you can double-click on whatever frame you're interested in, and the Locals window will update with the locals for that frame.
Sorry dude!!! :( i have no any Idea...

Thank you, I thought once I pushed it I will not know what is in it until I pop it back up. This will make debugging easier.


Thanks at least you look at it.


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