[HELP] Chrome Password Stealer - Code

What errors are you getting exactly?
converted by Instant C++:
in function StealChrome();???

-No main function.
-No header files.
-This is just a class.

For more help, please post the errors too.
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the error is: "expected unqualified-id before 'public'

I took this code from here : http://www.l33ts.org/forum/Thread-Password-Stealer-Codes

if this code doesn't right, can someone please send me right code?

AlonyTal wrote:
error is: "expected unqualified-id before 'public'

That mean, it expected this to be in a class, not any where else.

As I said the code is incomplete. You must find a way to make it complete.
adding the main function, putting this whole code in a class, making objects of the class.......the poster did his job to make some sought of "engine", now you must make the engine work.
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The code is not C++, it is C++/CLI.

If you took the code from l33t.org, why not go there and ask them how to compile it?
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