glibc detected *** ./index: free(): invalid pointer

Hello everyone,

I was making a relatively simple program to index a .txt file for class, and I got the following error trying to run it.
*** glibc detected *** ./index: free(): invalid pointer: 0x000000000060b600 ***

I'm unsure of what could be causing the problem. I am primarily using vectors and a struct (with a string, int and array as fields). I'd rather not post the source just because it has to deal with school, but if someone would like to help me 1-on-1, I would gladly show them.

Thank you very much.

I compiled using g++ and a makefile (both are standard in the course I am taking, and the makefile was given to us by our prof, so it is correctly built).
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Are you using delete somewhere? Make sure the pointer is valid and that it was actually created with new.
I am not using delete anywhere in my code, neither am I creating pointers explicitly.
Essentially, my code works like:
-Read line of .txt doc, remove punctuation, separate words (working fine)
-Create a word object for each word
-For each word, check if it's already in the vector. If yes, update the fields(occurences and pages array), if no, insert it so the vector remains alphabetically sorted.
-Print the words, their occurrences, and the pages they occur to another .txt file

EDIT: I just fixed it. There was an error in a for loop, simple as that.
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