Malicious Prank: Not destructive, just very very very very annoying....

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@IWishIKnew: Not a fan of law, then?

It sounds as if you are asking if I don't like law/rules. I didn't say, nor did I imply that. Joking about beating somone up isn't funny, and is not somthing you should joke about.
I have FINISHED!!! Wieghing in at 1,003Kb is the prank program. I can easily add new events as they are suggested, and if you want, i can send you the source code by E-Mail (entirely text, not file).

50% chance that an event will occure:

1 - Mouse Cursor is constantly set to position (0, 0)
2 - A text file with the words:

"I just want to say LOVE YOU SAN!!
billy gates why do you make this possible ? Stop making money and fix your software!!"

Will be constantly opened. (its from a previous malware, forgot the name, but I thought it was fitting, and I could think of anything so i just used this.)

3 - Internet explorer and firefox will not open (they are constantly closed. I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO INCLUDE GOOGLE CHROME, BUT I DON'T KNOW THE IMAGE NAME.)
4 - An annyong beeping sound will play every time you click a mouse button. BBBBBEEEEEEEPPPPP!!!

Further more:

If a flash drive has been set up - If a flash drive with the correct keyfile is inserted at ANY time, the program status will automatically toggle (active/inactive) to save you time), and your control panel will show. The following options are available:

1 - Toggle program: active/inactive
2 - Set up a flash-drive (or disociate with one)
3 - save and 'quit' (it will disapear, but not terminate its-self)
4 - Terminate program (completely shuts it down)


1- Toggles the programs active/inactive staus. This is good when you have installed a shortcut in the startup folder, but do not wish to have it torment your victim ;). Turning this status 'on' will not only allow for random and torturous events to occur, but it will prevent the user from opening the taskmanager. Events are choosen in 5 minute increments, and are randomly selected.

2 - Installes a keyfile on that flashdrive, so that when you plug it into that computer, you will be able to control the program. Disociating with a flash drive will change it's settings so that it "thinks" it has not been installed with a flash drive. This does not directly affect how it recognizes a flashdrive with the correct keyfile, so if you instert a flashdrive with the keyfile, it will recognize it regardless.

3 - This will both save your settings, and return the program to the equivilancy of a "background" process. The only way to make it show is to insert a flash-drive with the correct keyfile on it. This will not terminate the program.

4 - Terminates the program. Has the same effect as pressing the 'X' button in the top corner. Your settings are saved using this menu option.


So, if you want a copy, either give me your e-mail or name a site where i can post the source, and ill post the URL to it here. I'm going to write an installer that will "seek" a nice directory in the target computer, and copy the program. This is for those "commando" type of situations where you will not have enough time to manually install/test the program under the new administrative invironment. I am currently deciding what to name it. I thought about "CLICK YES", so when the User Account Control pops up, clicking 'yes' is the more promanent sub-concious suggestion in their mind... ;) But, I don't think Ill put this anywhere where it will need admin priveliges, for that reason.

Note: I changed the time from 30 (i think) to 5 min now. Between the chance of nothing/somthing happening spreads the events and randomizes them quite nicely. Test runs yielded variable results: from 20 minutes of events, to 40 minutes of nothing. It is active enough, though, for me to be able to say it will always execute at least 3 events in a single hour. But that's incredibly rare. It usually more.

Here are probably the most 'outstanding' things it does (things that may trip UAC, or an antivirus)

- It uses 2 batch files to execute notpad without delaying the program itself. This ensures that you can always control the program with ur magic stick (LOL).

- It uses system() a LOT to kill tasks. This does not trip MSSECES (microsoft security essentials), but it may trip some other AVs.

- It creates/modifies files. UAC will be tripped if it is set high enough. Since mine is at max, i have to run this app in Admin mode for it to even create the options file. Lower settings do not require the program to run in Admin mode. Running in admin mode is VERY unpreferable though, because in a 'field test', my sis restarted her computer and was able to promptly recognize that she did not want it running, lol.

I believe that is all the 'security trips', but post if you think there are any other things.
Thank you for your input and advice, additional suggestions for features are welcome, and remember THIS ISNT MALWARE, ITS A PRANK! ^^
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I found it funny catfish. :(
Can you post the code?
Just play the Mario Bros. theme song via Beep through a program that's running as a'll also need to figure out a way to prevent the speakers from being muted.

beep beep beep beep beep beep.....beep.

beep beep beep.. beep beep beep beep..
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I would, but it is incredibly lengthy. The .cpp files alone add up to 1,015 lines, and the header files together are 59 lines.

Should i make a seperate post, or do you think it is more appropriate for a website meant for source code?
Here is the basic event algorithm. You may not recognize some/most of the functions, because i created them.

int start_malicious_algorithm()
    int x = 0, init_minute = 0;
    vector<int> events;
    while(x == 0)
        for(unsigned int x = 0; x < events.size(); x++)
            init_minute = parse_minutes();
            while(time_passed(init_minute) <= 5)
                system("taskkill /IM taskmgr.exe /f");
    return 0;

As you can see, we only ever start this function once. Otherwise, the only way to terminate the program is through the control panel, which calls exit(0) so that not even a mili second is wasted closing the program (aside from the time spent saving your options).
Fill events fills the vector with 100 events randomly generated by my special number generator. numbers 0-4 are returned by the generator. Any number greater than 0 is an event. There is only a 50% chance an event will occur, and 12.5% chance any 1 event will be activated (this includes the 50% chance of nothing happening). Once the vector is filled, a time function is used to parse th minutes into an integer, which we compare to an integer that is set. as the minute changes these two integers can be compared to yield the amount of time that has passed since the init_minute was set to the parse_minutes(). This is why we can use a while loop. Check_ops does routine cheks on the things which are vital to the program's functionality, such as checking for your flash drive/keyfile.

Theres a small piece of the code. It's actually the center-piece to the events execution algorithm.
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You can upload it to and just post the links.

Concerning the code snippet in your previous post, you shouldn't seed the PRNG in the function. It should be called once, usually in the beginning of main.
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It is only ever seeded once. After that, the whil() loop is invoked and it never leaves that loop... ever. Basically, the program's initialization ends at that "while()". So, before that "while()" is just as good as if it were in main.
I will post it to that site now. ENJOY TORMENTIUNG YOUR FRIENDS!

IMPORTANT: if you delete the keyfile and can't deactivate the program, delete the options.dat and the program will shut down. This is a huge vulnerability, but if you place it right in the victim's computer, it will never matter hehehe...

The entire program:
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Which file has start_malicious_algorithm(), fill_events, check_opts() and time_passed()?
Mal_events.cpp Contains all functions related to the LIVE execution of events, checking for your flash drive, generation of events, and the timed-execution of them.

Event_executer.cpp Contains all funstions pertaining to the direct execution of events. It also contains the functions of the events themselves.
If you install this on a 64bit machine, it is recommended you place it somwhere like in the 'Documents' folder. If it does not generate the "options.dat" file, TERMINATE IT and move it until you find a place where it does generate the file. If you allow it to run without it haveing generated that file, you won't be able to control it! Put in your flash drive, and take it out quickly trying not to let the system recognize it. The goal is to catch the program while it is scanning the drive. If you're lucky it will crash. MAKE SURE YOU SEE AN OPTIONS.DAT GENERATED AFTER TOGGLING THE TRUE/FALSE FOR ACTIVATION!!!

Now that that's out of the way:

Recent testing reveals that on 64bit machines, you cant put this in the programs folder. put it in "\users\username\documents" or somwhere 'unsecure' like that. This will ensure that it can modify it's options file, and generate the batch/text files it needs.

I will be writing a program that will find suitable directories for this to be placed in, so that you spend less time finding a directory, and more time laughing at your friend who can't seem to figure out why his mouse won't "work". (LOL)

- Bug fix: It would execute events regardless of whether the program was active or not.

Redownload and compile:

Files: Mal_events.cpp
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Ah cmon what's the point of livin if you don't beat a family member of the opposite gender every now and then?
There are lots of points, and I really dont see the humor in joking about that.... That is just sick dude...
So, it's not okay to joke about something...

but, it's perfectly okay to infest your sister's computer with malware because she made you mad?

Wait, I forgot it's not malware if it's a prank. The two are obviously mutually exclusive.
beating somone up is not a joke.

I'm not "infesting" it. It can easily be deleted if it is not activated. Not to mention it really doesnt even qualify as "Maleware" to the extent of the 'pro' standard. It isn't self propogateing, it is non-destrucive to it's host, and on it's worste day the most it can do is piss someone off. It doesnt copy itself, it doesnt create millions of files, and it doesnt download crap.

You should look up the diferent malware that has been passed through the years. What I have made is mild in comparison to what maleware can actually do.
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beating somone up is not a joke.

Show me where someone got beat up.

I'm not "infesting" it.

No. That was an off-the-cuff typo. You're infecting her computer with malware.

Not to mention it really doesnt even qualify as "Maleware" to the extent of the 'pro' standard

Perhaps you can point out the 'pro' standard.

You should look up the diferent malware that has been passed through the years. What I have made is mild in comparison to what maleware can actually do.

Someone murdering a person doesn't make someone beating up a person permissible.
beating somone up is not a joke.

<get on soapbox>
Joking about beating someone up actually IS a joke by definition. Either don't be so sensitive or don't start a thread on a public forum about a subject that will end up offending you if someone else takes it to the next level... Because they WILL.

BTW, call it a "prank" if you want, but you're still creating MALicious softWARE. I'd prefer to take a little GBH over sneaky, underhanded methods of revenge any day. At least it's honest. 8^P
<get off soapbox>

We can debate technicalities until the sun goes nova, and it wont matter. Jokin about beating someone up is wrong. Am I really the only one here who has a sense of morality?

And what's a GBH? I did some searches and it appears to be a type of malicious file (or types of files). I can not find any specifics though...

Also, I prefer to use a program I write because I know what it does, and I can achieve precisely what I intend to.
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GBH is an abbreviation of the English criminal act: grievous bodily harm. Physically wounding, or attacking are forms of grievous bodily harm. The aforementioned criminal act does not pertain to malicious software. Therefore, software attacks do not classify as grievous bodily harm.

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