My Program Is Considered A Virus

I recently ran a virus scanner and it considered a program i made a "Trojan Agent"
I did not make it to be a virus and want to find the issue so that I can change it from there. Do I need to change the name? Is there a library I'm using that has a virus? Is it just a false positive?
I have heard that some anti-virus programs don't like calls to std::system.
I have no knowledge of this other than from what I've read here, but supposedly using System("anything") makes your program look evil to anti-virus software. If you're using System anywhere, try replacing it and see if your program still gets detected.
Make sure you're not distributing the debug version of your program. As for yourself, you should not run antivirus software on machines you're using to develop software. This will only create trouble with both the programs and the debuggers, from strange error messages to full system locks.
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