how to pick numbers from array that are less or greater then constant

Hi, here is the situation: there is an array of 100 random values, and I need to pick greater than number 50 and lesser than 50 values in two separate arrays, any suggestions? :)
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What's the problem?
I cant do it, can you ? than please show :)
You surely can do it, you just do not want to i guess.

Just to give you an idea, you could simply create two other arrays with size 100 each and loop through the given array with random values.
You see, this task is just part, after that i need to count those greater and lesser values, so if i choose to create 100-size-arrays and compiler picks e.g. 20 values that are randomly allocated in original array, that are greater then 50 then I couldnt count those 20-picked values that are allocated in new-100-size-array.
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All you need to do for that is add two int variables, initialize them to 0 and increment them whenever you add a value to one of the two arrays. It's really not that hard, you just need to think about it.

Honestly i bet i spent more time with this problem here than you did.
Thank you, AleaIactaEst, for advice of increment.
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