which should i get into first as a beginner wanting to make games sfml opengl directx or summink else

Im not asking in the beginner section because more experienced people will know the answer better, but i am very much a beginner, i think im almost ready for one of these because i finished a tic tac toe program and im gonna get the hang of an ascii snake game then BAM gonna get results ... maybe.

oh yeah my motive is to make games to amuse me not to get rich...though im pretty motivated at the moment, hope i dont lose momentum.

im good with pen on paper so maybe one of these could work better with hand drawn sprites? theres somethings i havnt mastered yet which maybe i should have too, like pointers and references...i dont want to avoid them however.

should i suss out the windows gui thing yet? it seems pretty pointless but what do i know yet? i tried to install sfml nearer the beginning too, but it was way too complicated then...but perhaps i shoulda jumped in at the deep end? maybe i should keep practicing small ascii programs...you guys are the ones who will know...

thank you very much for reading
Search up allegro 5 - Its mostly for 2d games but it also has 3d things too
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