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Hi to all! I have one simple game (for PC, ะก++). I want to make a portable version of this game, so users can play it without having to install (at work, for example!). What technologies for creating portable games do you know?
I've already got some good advice from colleagues. But the question is still relevant!
"...Without having to install..." = only way I see is web based game
You don't have to install a zip file ;)
If the game is written in C + +, then try to make a virtual version of the game. You will not need to install such game. I can advise to use virtualization software, for example, xenApp, thinapp, boxedapp, parallels, virtualbox...
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@codewalker: I've seen quite a few games that are "extract-and-play"; no install.

@OP: You don't need any software. A few users of this forum have posted code for their own games, and none of them have required neither an install, nor a special piece of software. Don't forget that you can compile & run the basic "Hello, World!" program without installing it; a game is no different in this regard.

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Thanks for answers. Now I'm putting into practice in one of the ideas. If it works - I'll share with you. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be happy to see them!
Write once compile anywhere
That's C++'s motto.
you can not run windows binary files on linux and vice versa. you must compile C++ code in different platforms to get executables. this becomes harder if you write a platform dependant code, so you need to change the code for each platform (at least some of that code)
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