run a C++ sever program from my website

I am writing a registration module for my desktop software (programming with C++ Builder). I have created client and server applications that work great on my local machine, but I don't know how to start the server program once I upload it. The site is hosting thru Yahoo. Any Ideas?
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Easy look As server is an OS as well you have to upload the server program there then the client will use that but change the inet_addr("IPv4") to the server
I uploaded the server application and changed the address to the domain name, but it gives me "Asynchronous socket error 10060"
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also what OS u using also you better not be sing Raw Sockets in windows as windows put restrictions on it
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"Asynchronous socket error 10060"
Connection timeout.

Check that computers external to your LAN can connect to you. There are some online tools that can try to connect to you to verify whether you're forwarding ports on your router, or whether there's actually someone listening for incoming connections.
For example:

Never mind. I mixed up who was the client and who the server.
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You will need a root server if you want to be able to run programs of your own on the server.
Alternatively you can solve this with PHP scripts if your webhost allows them.
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there is a free but a alright hosting called 000hosting
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