USELIB() function

Hey Everyone,

Just wondering about this USELIB() macro. Is it only specific to Borland compiler or is it useable in MS Visual Studio 2010 also?

Also... is that equivalent to like Properties -> Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies?

So if I didn't wanted to reference my library in the project's property I can do so with USELIB() in the actual code?

I remember one article (when I didn't have a clue about DLLs) a few weeks back mentioned this macro but I can't remember and can't find the article again.

I minus well ask, is 'vcl.h' a Borland specific library also?

Thanks guys!
When I understand it right the equivalent to USELIB() #pragma comment(lib,"name.lib") for static lib. Read

I don't know 'vcl.h', so I think yes it's Borland specific
The link was excellent.
Helped me understand things better!

Cheers :)
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