Count between arrays

I have a code that works like this:

When the user does X in this game, we count Y of the player (Y = random number)

Y is stored in a variable, e.g. it can store as this: 10, 15, 20 and so on.

I want to get all of the datas from this variable but since when it increases, it will store max 2 numbers (e.g. 50) at the time, I would want to store 10, 15, 20 separated in each variable so I can use them in next X.

So how would I cache Y in each variables? Is it possible to loop with for ( loop ) and loop all those Y numbers, and by that they're all cached? I'm not into for loops and therefore it's a question too. Thanks.. probably hard to understand, but ask if you cannot.
If you want to cache the last <n> values of Y, you're going to need to create an array or vector to store them in.

vector<int> cache_y;

int new_y = 15;
cache_y.push_back (new_y);

You're probably going to want to prune the cache so it doesn't grow indefinately.

What are you going to do with the values once you've cached them?
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