FILE* in c++ ?

Hi, I'm working on a school assignment and I've run across what I believe to be a conflict in the requirements. The assignment states "You must only use C++ style input and output to files and the console". I was provided a few class header files for which I need to write the implementations. However, one of the classes contains a member FILE*. As far as I know there is no way to use an [io]fstream with a FILE*. Is that correct? If so, I will simply use fprintf and argue the point with my professor.
You are correct, FILE* is C style input and output while fstream is C++. I would ask the professor if the assignment was improperly explained.
Given the "must" in the statement

"You must only use C++ style input and output to files and the console"

maybe you should repair the header instead? (marking repair with comment that refers to the above requirement)

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Yeah it's a tough call because there's also a statement: "You MUST use this code without modification: no code added or removed and no macros." <-- the bolding is how it's done on the assignment paper :p

So, I think I'm just going to use fprintf for now, and take it up with the prof later.

Thanks for the help :)
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Might be part of the assignment?
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Maybe the answer's "not possible due to inconsistent requirements" ??

The problem with the FILE*, is that it could well subvert a lot of other code? Is it possible to just ignore it?
I think it was honestly just a mistake. This assignment is supposed to be a C++ rewrite of an earlier C assignment, and a lot of things are clearly copy pasted without much thought.
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