so im trying to install sfml onto code blocks i get two errors

the first one i managed to put a system.dll file into the correct debug folder and when i tried to compile code i get the error could not find -sfml-system

so i try again a few times only this time I ACCIDENTLY DELETE THE FILE DEBUG WAS IN ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER CODE I WROTE :'( now my brain is tired...could you helps me?
That was one error, so...

Anyway, it's really simple but I don't have time to give you step-by-step instructions, youtube "SFML coder" and look through his videos on his profile, there should be one about setting up code blocks/mingw.

Also about that first error, place sfml-system.dll in the same folder as main.cpp
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this is dumb but for anyone else who is serarching for the answer i spelt sfml-system wrong <d:)

where could i borow libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll from? where do i put it tooh?

i actualy copied and pasted that i havnt looked yet but i heard of this error

im looking now...yeah i dont understand what they mean
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Yeah, that's something I've run in to myself, really strange, I don't know why it suddenly started happening, maybe because I didn't install MinGW with code::blocks this time and instead downloaded it seperately, even in Release I have this problem.

anyway, its in your C:/Program Files(x86)/Codeblocks/MinGW/ folder, search for it there, and you will also need c++std-6 or something.

Oh, and you put it in the same folder as your programs .exe, but if you compile your program and run it from code blocks you shouldn't need it.
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wait this windows 7 doesnt have program files 86 it has program data instead !?
is there another way to do it? could i reiinstall the right mingw without having to do all the other settings? urgh i see that a lot of people have these problems
My bad, windows 7 32-bit only has normal program files, I was talking about W7 64-bit, it should be in C:/Program Files/Codeblocks/MinGW/, use the search bar to find it, IIRC it's in the bin folder but I could be wrong.
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nope it don't & my search found nuffink!
i found a libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll, so i guess i was looking in the right place, would it work if i deleted everything, downloaded codeblocks without mongw downloaded the official mingw and then do all the copying and pasting of folders
all over again? is there an easier way out? like suicide?

but to clarify i wanted to copy and paste libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll and c++std-6 into where i save my programs?

i hope i dont have to do that each time.

i guess programmers are supposed to know these things before they learn to use them else they would make it more user freindly...or maybe it seperates the wheat from the chaff...or is the whole thing just really clunky, i have seen how many people struggle
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Do not mix sjlj and dw2 versions of MinGW runtime ! Instead compile sfml again using the same compiler as you would use late on your programs.
is there anything else that does as much or more than sfml and is easier to install:/

i didnt compile the thing in i just added stuff to da libraries, maybe you could recommend something else?
i have no any idea right now... :(
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