Randomized incremental algo to compute maximum of a linear objective function

Can anyone help plz ???
Below is the assignment.. i just need basic algo

Implement the randomized incremental algorithm to compute the maximum of a linear
objective function of four variables under a set of linear inequalities.
You should write a function
◦ int rand lp(int n, double *A, double *b, double *c,
double *result)
which has as parameters the number of inequalities n, the coefficient matrix A and
right-hand side b, the coefficients of the objective function c, as well as the result
vector result, which contains the optimum values for the four variables x0, . . . , x3.
It returns an integer, which is the number of recomputations at the top level taken
by the algorithm to reach the optimum.
Your function should solve the LP problem
max c[0]x0 + c[1]x1 + c[2]x2 + c[3]x3
A[0][0]x0 +    + A[0][3]x3 ≤ b[0]
A[1][0]x0 +    + A[1][3]x3 ≤ b[1]
A[n − 1][0]x0 +    + A[n − 1][3]x3 ≤ b[n − 1]
x0 ≥ 0, x1 ≥ 0,    , x3 ≥ 0
The matrix is a 4 by n matrix with n fairly large, so do not make any assumptions
on the size of the matrix; any additional storage you need should be allocated dynam-ically
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