What does 'unspecified' in this question means?


The "unspecified" in the question means that i can put any numbers i want in the const int NUM_SCORE?
or i need to let the user input?
Did you read the rest of the problem?

An unspecified amount means an amount that's unspecified. It hasn't been specified by you, and it hasn't been specified by the user.
thats means it's a random number??
No. It means however many get typed in before the user types in a negative number. Read the question.

Here is an example.
The user types: 3 4 5 67 86 45 -2
So that's 6 numbers.

Here's another example. The user types: 56 324 5 -3
So that's 3 numbers.

Please, please, read the question.
oh okay i miss that part. sorry.. =)
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