What's a good book for an Extremely Rusty C++ Programmer?

I have been a professional programmer for nearly 25 years. Most of that time, I used Pascal, Basic, and bare C. I used C++ in the 1998-2001 era professionally but I never became an "expert" in C++. I have never effectively used the STL, or Boost libraries, and the closer to bare C programming something is, the more easily I can read it.

I'm thinking I need a book like "Effective C++" (Scott Meyer) or something like that, to get me really into modern C++. I am thinking either that or something that's REALLY modern, like a C++2011 book of some kind, but since I'll be working in VC++ 2010/2012, neither of which fully support C++ 2011 yet, maybe that C++11 book can wait until I have an MS compiler that fully supports C++11.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

Effective C++ and Effective STL would both be good. I think they're both still current as far as what they cover.

And then there's C++ Coding Standards, by Sutter and Alexandrescu which is in a similar vain (it's not about layout!)

And Exceptional C++, by Sutter. This one sets you challenges and then explains what's going on.

I don't think the rules have changed since these boks were written. But I hope books will come out soon which treate the new C++11 features in the same detail.

And The C++ Programming Language, 4th Edition, when it's published in (late) March!


PS Exceptional C++ draws on some of the the Guru of the Week posts from comp.lang.c++.moderated. Some of these can be found here:
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Thanks. I bought Effective C++ and I'm finding it really good so far. The new C++ book by some "unknown" guy named .. what was it? Bjarne Stroustrup? Yeah. :-) Very excited to read that one when it comes out.

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