Developing a pseudocode

Hi. Am really having a trouble on starting up with the pseudocode from the statement below. Little help please

A European boatyard has a scale of weekly mooring charges based upon the length of the boat and the services provided. The boatyard has space for a maximum of 500 boats of up to 25 metres in length. The minimum period of stay is 4 weeks and the minimum boat length for charging purposes is 8 metres. 100 of the moorings have electricity and water points. 50 moorings have water points only and a further 50 have electricity metres only. There is also has a dry dock facility, which can cater for any size of boat. This service can be booked for a minimum of one week only and costs a flat rate of 2000 shillings per week. The unit of currency adopted by the boat yard is the Euro.

Weekly charges (ksh)
Electric supply 200
Water point 500
Mooring 100 per metre (Minimum charge 200.00)
Dry dock (if required) 2000.00
There doesn't seem to be an actual task to do. Is the task to write a program to calculate the charge for a single boat stay, or to manage an entire boatyard with variable boats arriving and leaving, or some other task?
It should calculate the estimated weekly income from the moorings assuming the boatyard is operating at 90% capacity and stating clearly any assumptions that you make to construct this model.
Start by doing it on paper.
Yeah. i have tried it before but its like am heading nowhere. See am just a beginner with these pseudocodes and flowcharts and so just help me do it if you can please.. Thanks
Calculate number of boats (90% capacity).
Assume an average size of boat.
Calculate weekly cost of all boats for mooring (assume some charge per metre- this data not given above).
Add 150 electricity charges.
Add 150 water charges.
Add weekly cost for dry dock.
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Thanks.. it does help
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