scrolling/animated menu possible?

Currently I am in the process of designing a platformer and was wondering if it is possible to recreate the main menu/title screen of zelda OoT or Aiydn the first mage.

Now the question, in 2D or fake it with some fancy 2.5D fiddling?
is it possible to get a similar effect to animation played like how the map moves when links riding on the horse or like this

I would like It to do the whole moving cycle from left to right or right to left instead of the flying through thing that Aiydn uses cause I don't believe I can make that effect in 2D.

If its not possible in 2D could anyone recommend any tutorials for 3D =D?
Are you asking if you can scroll 2D graphics? Because the answer is yes.
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I really want to know is if its possible to fake or immatate those 3D effects in a 2D game?

Well you could, but it would be much easier to just render things in 3D. 3D graphics aren't exactly difficult, it's just the 3D collision detection and physics stuff that gets hard.

There are a myriad of different tutorials on 3D rendering. Depending on what lib you want to use. What graphics lib are you using now?
well i am using opengl and sdl, with my own 2D engine the only problem i have is i am surpost to do my entire game in 2D for my course else i would switch to 3D,thus why i wanted to know if i could fake the screen effects =D

thanks again for your time
Well the answer you're looking for is no, it can't be done in 2D.

It's a 3D effect, and you'd need to render 3D graphics for it.

That said it's technically possible using only 2D libraries if you want to raster the image manually --- I mean it's technically possible to render ANYTHING with a 2D lib because you are in control of every single pixel. But to accomplish what you want, you'd effectively have to do vector projections and all this other stuff which basically amounts to 3D rendering (but done in software so it'd be slower and much more work).

So yeah stick with my original answer. 3D effects mean you gotta use a 3D renderer.
Well thank you for your advice =D

Once i finish the project i shall post a link to it!
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