Need to learn c++ fast.

Well, my names Danny. I'm in wave robotics and i'm a programmer. WE switched to c++ and i need to lean it fast and well. I have 7 weeks until i have to be able to program a robot so that it will run in fully automos mode and for example make a basket ball hoop from 10 feet away... links and such any resource that you think would help i would fully appreciate please keep in mind that i'm only a 15 yr old freshman and i don't have clauc or physics. Thanks
In my option, you're not going to be able to learn C++ fully within 7 weeks. If you only have to learn the basics then you should be fine, just go through the tutorials and resources on this site.
Yeah, you're definitely not going to be able to do that in 7 weeks, but good luck
I want to be a billionaire, but that isn't going to happen in 7 weeks. It takes years to learn C++, the most you can do in 7 weeks is learn the basics and become comfortable with C++ programming.
I was in robotics too, and you do not need to learn C++ completely. You just need to know the basics, like using functions and conditional execution.

If you have prior programming know-how then you will be much better off.
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