Ogg Vorbis Exeption Error

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I'm following this tutorial(http://devmaster.net/posts/2895/openal-lesson-8-oggvorbis-streaming-using-the-source-queue) to learn how to implement .ogg files. However, my code
ov_open(oggFile, &oggStream, NULL, 0)
causes an Access violation exception error. I've been scouring the internet for answers but found none (that work). I'm thinking the problem is perhaps, the library files are an incorrect version or something. But I can't find anything other than the versions in the download section of the tutorial. Does anyone have working copy of the Ogg Vorbis library files or a solution to my problem. If I've missed out any information please tell me.

Any help is much appreciated!
Access Violation generally means you're reading/writing memory that doesn't belong to you. Run your code under a debugger and it will tell you the guilty line of code.
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In debug mode it only points to the next statement to be executed
When I run it under a debugger, it runs until the crash happens and then presents me with a stacktrace showing the line of code that caused the segFault. Perhaps you're using the debugger wrongly.
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It points to a line labelled 0008d260() and when I double click it it says no source available
Build with debugging symbols to make it easier.

It points at the line where the symptom exhibits. That line is in code you do not have the source to; it is a library or some such. The problem is almost certainly not there. The problem is in your code. The debugger will tell you the list of function calls that led to this point. One of those functions is yours.

Here is how to debug using gdb: http://www.cplusplus.com/articles/iwTbqMoL/
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Thanks Moschops,
It's clear that I need to learn some basic debugging skills, however it was actually a library problem. For some reason I needed to link static versions of the libraries. For future reference I downloaded the libraries from:
For some reason I needed to link static versions of the libraries

The reason for linking static libraries is to remove the need for the end user to have independently installed suitable dynamic libraries.
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