PLEASE help with this program!

Please help with the following program (I am totally unprepared for this class and have no idea where to start!):
Write a program that can be used to assign seats for a commercial airplane. The airplane has 13 rows, with six seats in each row. Rows 1 and 2 are first class, rows 3 through 7 are business class, and rows 8 through 13 are economy class. The program must prompt the user to enter the following information:
a. Ticket type (first class,business class,economy class)
b. Desired seat
Output the seating plan in the following form:
R1 **X*XX
R2 *X*X*X
R3 **XX*X
R5 *X*X**
R6 *X***X
R7 X***XX
R8 *X*XX*
R10 *X*XXX
R11 **X*X*
R12 **XX*X
R13 ****X*
Here, * indicates that the seat is available; X indicates that the seat is occupied. Make this a menu-driven program; show the user's choices and allow the user to make the appropriate choices.
In addition, the program should begin by presenting a menu that has the following items to choose from: "Assign a Seat"; "Cancel a Reservation"; "Print the Seating Chart"; and "Exit the Program". Once a selection is made, process that selection. Break down the "Assign a Seat" into three separate choices: "Assign a First Class Seat"; "Assign a Business Class Seat"; and "Assign an Economy Seat".
Your should only print the seating chart when that selection is chosen from the menu.
The seating chart should only print when the "Print the Seating Chart" selection has been made, and must be initialized to all seats available.
The issue here isn't programming; it's problem-solving.

You need to start simple. Each row can be seen as an array of 6 characters, so make 13 arrays, each one with six characters in, and display that on screen. These arrays will be your record of which seats are taken and which are free.

When you've done that, then display it with the A B C D E F at the top and the R1 to R13 at the side. Then the next part, and so on.

Start simple. Get it working. Add each new piece one tiny little piece at a time and get it working before you move on.
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