Any recommendation for an XML parser library

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If you have had any experience parsing XML files. I would appreciate an XML parsing library recommendation. Also if you know of one you would stay away from I would appreciate that information as well.

If you haven't used one please don't make a recommendation--really I can Google libraries myself.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
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I have used XercesC and XML4C. Both have samples and work pretty good
I've used the Qt XML library which I found to be really easy for my first attempt. I haven't used any others since I generally stay within the Qt framework. If you are not working within that area, it may be tougher to link to.
What do you need your parser for? Do you want a DOM to be provided to you? Or??

The parser I've used the most is The Expat XML Parser

As it's a stream-oriented parser it's up to your app to store the data it extracts from the XML. So it might not suit your needs.

Expat was the fastest parser for somewhile, but I've seen claims (which I haven't investigated yet) that there are some newcomers which are faster still. But Expat has been around for quite a while and is known to be nice and stable. For this reason it's been used for a number of the commercial projects that I've been involved with.

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Decided on expat.

The documentation seems friendly, and it was easy to build using mingw with a simple configure, make, and make install.

Comes with example programs that were easy to read and build.

Thanks for the advice.
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