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• Class Node:
• next, a private member that points to the next node in the list.
• back, a private member that points to the previous node in the list.
• info, a private member of type char.
• getInfo(), public member to return the value of info.
• setInfo(),public member to set the value of info.
• Class DLinkedList:
• first, a private pointer of type Node. It points to the first node in the list
• Last, a private pointer of type Node. It points to the last node in the list
• (0.5 pt)DLinkedList, the constructor initializes all private members.
• (0.5 pt)~DLinkedList (), the destructor destroys the linked list and de-allocates memory.
• (0.5 pt)isEmpty: returns true if the list is empty.
• (0.25pt)isFull: returns true if the list is full, it will return false always.
• (0.25pt)getSize(), returns the size of the list.
• (1 pt)printForward(), print the nodes from beginning to end.
• (1 pt)printBackward(), print the nodes from end to beginning.
• (1 pt)insertFirst(char), inserts a new node at the beginning of the list.
• (1 pt)insertLast(char), inserts a new node at the end of the list.
• (1 pt)deleteAt(int), delete from a specific location, start counting from 0, if location >= length or location <0, then don’t delete and show an error message.

#include <iostream>
#include "linkedList.h"
using namespace std;
int main()
{ /*
1. Create a list.
2. call the following functions in the order you read them order.
isFull() UMEHCM
insertFirst(A), insertEnd(H),
deleteAt(0), insertFirst(E),
insertFirst(Y), getsize(),
insertEnd(C), insertFirst(M),
insertFirst(U), insertEnd(F),
insertEnd(M), deleteAt(2),
getSize(), deleteAt(5),

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