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please put your code in code tags '<>' so it's not a nightmare to read. ill edit this post if i find anything .
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C++ handles floating point numbers a little strange, but hides it from all of the users. take a look at this:

cout.precision(50); //notice the variables printed
    double var = 3.37;
    double var2 = 3.38;
    cout << var << endl << var2 << endl << var2- var;


when multiplying by one 100, the last var wont exactly equal one(thus why one penny always seems to be missing). A fix would be to use ceil() with the entire equation:

int remain = ceil(((tenderP - purchaseP) - (floor(tenderP - purchaseP))) * 100);

Sorry about the late reply, this one was hurting my brain a bit before i finally noticed the conversions from double to int.
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