Help me with my assignment "NO TIME"

I tried to do my homework but there's no time because I have to send it to my professor today and there's no time at all !!

-Write the definition and code for a function getHours that prompts the user to enter the ours worked and returns the value.

-Write a function getRate that prompts the user to enter an hourly rate and returns it.

-write a function paycheck that calculates and returns the amount to be paid to an employee, basted on the ours worked and rate per hour,. The formula for calculating the amount to be paid is as follows: for the first 40 hours, the rate is given rate; for hours over 40, the rate is 1.5 times the given rate.

-Write a function printCheck that print the hours worked, rate per hout and amount due.

-Write the function main that calls all these functions.
LOL! Sorry, you're failing. Maybe next semester you'll do better.
Theres plenty of time. Coding that should only take a few minutes honestly.
Dont expect any of us to do your homework for you, we will only help when you come across a problem
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