Intermediate GUI coding

can anyone point me in the right direction of how I can code objects that are more advanced than standard buttons, labels, etc. I do not need the other extreme where it is more of video game graphics. I wanted some help on this because the only thing I could think of was using images and creating/adjusting them to match it or something else.
What GUI toolkit are you using at the moment? So we can get an idea of what would be a good next step.
I have found RAD-c++ to be a very easy way to make them in c++. I tried a little bit of win32 but have found rad-c++ to be way easier to make a short little program. It has a help file with all the different objects it has which I do not get with win32. Those are the only ones I have used as I only code once in a while(I don't have a job in it or take a class). I wanted something that you would see in the more complex programs. Unlike the standard-looking programs with a gray background and all.
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