I need help with some Windows Functions.

I can not find any useful examples of FindWindow, GetNextWindow, MoveWindow, EnumWindows allong with FindWindowEX, EnumChildWindows...

I don't know what to include for my headers nor most of how to use each of them

Could someone please give me an example? Maybe use paint, open two then find the first one with FindWindow then find the next with GetNextWindow. Set each window with move window to have the windows 0,0 aligned with the screens 0,0 and have it set to move the bottom right corner of each to 500,500 Then find a draw or fill or paint tool with FindChildWindow and click for a second to draw a dot in the screen with EnumWindow.

I need this in c++ please.

If i had a program that did that i would have all of the examples I need. (please include the headers) Thank you!
Look here

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