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I have run a simulation with C++ (thanks to the help of several guys in the forum). My simulation results have some vectors each including a big number of elements. My tool of simulation: VS 2010.

I am trying to make some 2D (and if possible 3D) plots as analyzing the results (like moving average, histogram...)

Could you please recommend an easy-to-use, efficient and compatible tool to make plots? By search previous discussions, it seems GD and GTK+ are good for this. But I am not sure and already confused.

Thanks in advance!
The last such discussion is here:

It's a good starting point.
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Thanks for your reply. It seems a bit long with the CImg library. Is there any third part component that can make it easier to draw a plot?
qwt is fairly easy to use in the Qt framework and can do this for you.

If you don't want to learn a whole framework, you could just output to CSV and open in excel.
I have checked the Qwt. It looks good, except it cannot do 3D plot. Similar case as another library called "CPlot".

There is another well integrated third part software called "Ch" plot which can do 3D plotting, however, to have that function it is required to buy the "professional" edition...

Any other proposition?
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