lazy foos tutorial (link provided) i cant see what might be refreshing the screen

i have been experimenting with changing the intiger that would paste the specific clip to the offset in runtime, i would end up with a sprite smeared across the screen copied many times, so when i build this tutorial, i cant work out why the screen refreshes

can you? thanks for your time
It's because he makes everything white before drawing the dot.
//Fill the screen white 
SDL_FillRect( screen, &screen->clip_rect, SDL_MapRGB( screen->format, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF ) );
ooooh yeahhhh thanks, whoda thunk it?
no i still get smeared pixels, still it looks better
Oh I thought you asked why it worked and why you didn't get smeared pixels. Did it work before you started experimenting, and in that case what have you changed?
oh i changed where it clips to e.g.


then when i hammered return the intiger would multiply the screen would re-flip
im just messing with it i guess i should just mess around with another tutorial, its really hard to feel like im learning SDL, c++ is easier to test the little bits
It's just like painting. If you keep painting the ball at different positions but don't draw anything on top of the old ball you will end up with many balls.
balls, is there a remove surface function? dont answer that im going to mark this as solved because i have gotten ahead of myself
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