Help Starting Off

Okay, so I am ready to start making games for commercial sale. I realize that this is not a simple task to take on, but I am ready to. I have chosen my language (C++), and I have learned it to the best of my abilities. I have also learned other languages, but those do not appeal to me as much as C++. I also have work a bit with OpenGL, but making the game engine proved to be... A bit intensive. I was only able to make a few save functions and Sprite class with collision detection, movement, size, and texture mapping (Only .BMP's). With that, I was only able to make a few menus. So, the question that I have to you is, what engine/layer on top of OpenGL should I use? I heard of Ogre, but that's
about it. If you're wondering what I'm trying to make, it's just a simple 2D game (with som 3D implication). Thank you for any help you can provide!

- Kyle
You want to use a graphics engine? Try SDL or FSML. Both incorporate openGL, and are easy to use.

Try this:
I suggest using Allegro 5, it also incorporates opengl and is extremely easy to use.
Ah yes... Thank you two so much!

- Kyle
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