Needed best of the best!

I will be starting a new company, and I am need of the best programmers around. There will be no immediate compensation; however, I am willing to offer shares in the company. Also, once the company becomes profitable everyone involved will be justly compensated. Please only hard working, dedicated, interested individuals reply to .
I think that "best of the best" have their own companies.:) And they will not wait for compensations.:)
this would be better in the jobs section, and dont expect the best of the best to flock over to you. Take whoever you can get and start humble.
But the idea is splendid! During all his history the minkind thought how to make money from the air. And at last you invented such a method!:)
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I am willing to offer a percentage of the company to the team, and as GFreak 45 stated that will entitle them to net profits. Due to the nature of the project I don't want to go into too much detail in the forum post. However, the goal is to develop an intuitive database.
Do a business plan, get a business loan for the company or find a investor, pay your programmers. Good luck.
jbringley2 wrote:
Thanks for your reply, but I am much farther along than that. There is capital in place, but you must remember this is a startup. Due to the time it takes to develop robust software, the salary of full time programmers, and the difficulty of finding qualtity personnel I was hoping to find some people who were already employed. I am not trying to get free labor, but find partners for my company that share similar goals.

J, you are posting in the wrong place to the wrong people. You've already been told as much. Since you won't go post in the proper spot, I've reported this.

You should also be aware that your sales pitch needs significant polish, because right now you sound like someone who knows nothing about the industry trying to get rich out of his parent's basement.
Thanks to everyone who has replied to me via email and the forum. Duoas I appreciate your concern for my "sales pitch", but I have had many interested people in the brief time since I posted. Also, the same topic was posted in the jobs forum. I will mark the topic as solved in this forum.
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