Abot Banking System Need Help

Banking System - Problem Description
A bank wants a computer system to help administrator bank accounts. Both checking accounts
and saving accounts must be tracked. Tellers will want to be able to enter an account number
and have all information on the account printed to the screen. The system needs to keep track
of the number of the account, the current balance, and the date that the account was opened.
The savings account has a variable interest rate and the checking account has a monthly
service charge. At the end of each month the balance in each account has to be adjusted. For
the checking account, adjusting the balance involves subtracting the monthly charge from the
current balance. For the savings account, the balance needs to be charged as shown by this
balance = balance + balance * interest
Finally, the bank needs to be able to find out what the current balance is on the account.
Your classes should include the techniques you’ve learned in C++ class

Subject: Banking System
1. Inheritance
2. Virtual functions
3. Constants and references
4. Constant methods
5. Overloaded functions
6. Copy constructors
7. Conversion constructors and operator casting.
8. Dynamic memory allocation
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