Dynamically Allocated Errors!

Hey, I was working with a few of my programs using dynamically allocated arrays and they never seem to leave me alone. I even deleted[] Them when I was done using them however, I got errors of 'Heap Corruption'. My Computer has not been able to connect to the internet and windows gives me random errors, I ran applications an im getting peer reset connection errors and NULL pointer exeptions. Please help! Any pre-boot programs you guys recommend?

Windows 7 x64
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I'd normally recommend Memtest86, but Windows 7 already has a memory testing utility.
Go look in the start menu. If you start it, it will run after you reboot before Windows starts.

If your memory tests find problems, buy new memory. Otherwise run a virus scan.


Also, next time please post tech support topics in the Lounge... or better yet, a specialized forum.
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