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Hi all,

I'm looking for some decent coders (ideally software engineering, or a computer science major, or generally good coders for w/e reason) to help me write a 2D game using hardware acceleration. As a model, I'm going for the style/look/feel of an asteroids game called echoes, which is free and downloadable here: [ b i n a r y z o o . c o m ]

Whatever game we build is fairly negotiable, but I want it to be simple and fun to play with music. I also want the project to be realistic because I haven't taken on any large project like this before. And that's sort of what my goal is here. To successfully take on a large project and finish it, and not be afraid to show people the result.

I'm not looking for a huge time commitment from people but rather long-term commitment of ~2-5 hours/week for several months or so. It would help if we could communicate well so it would be really useful if you had AIM, or regularly used some kind of chat program that makes it easy to communicate all the time. My AIM screenname is x89codered89. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested. You can also reply here but I probably won't respond nearly as fast as compared to AIM.

Background: I have graduated from an engineering program but I want to get into software some more. I figure, why not try using some of my spare time to make a video game? My schedule is pretty busy as I'm in grad school now in basically what boils down to applied math, so my major is NOT computer science or programming. I was an electrical engineering & math (minor) in college, and I also took a few extra C++ programming classes. This gears me more towards some of the math/physics/engine-making behind games, and actually is what I'd like to spend a lot of my time on.(I've all ready gotten started). I'm also a huge fan of neural networks and could even write AI for the game. That being said, I would LOVE to learn about things like making a database and other cool CS topics that non-CS majors usually don't touch if that would be something you'd like to help me work on.

Implementation: I've determined the best way to make a game is with C++ with a media library called SFML. SFML uses OpenGL for graphics and is a bit like an object-oriented version of SDL. I'm looking for maybe 2-3 coders. Possibly just 1 if you really want to become obsessed with the project. I'm pretty sure the language/lib won't change but if you want to use something else, shoot me a message as to why and I'm all eyes/ears.

Must-Haves: I want this to be the kind of game that is good for LAN parties. (So obviously networking will be required.) Fortunately, the SFML library has networking classes, so it should be manageable.

I'm sort of hoping some of you have experience with version control, and use of Git. I know that's what I need to use to have projects like this with teams but I have no idea what I'm doing with that stuff. Thanks for reading! =D

EDIT: I posted something like this on another site without too much success. I'm trying again here cause I think I might get some better responses on this forum. My situation hasn't changed much. I'm still in school and pretty busy. If anything, it shows that after 6 months my aspirations towards making a fun game haven't changed.
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What is my motivation
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What is my motivation

Wait, OP offers to work with anyone who wants to make any small, fun game you can think of in a on-your-own-time requirement.

Haven't you ever wanted to write a nice game, but been overwhelmed by the time? Here's your chance.

I would, but I cannot guarantee that I get to sit down at my PC so regularly.
Duoas exactly catches the spirit of what I'm doing. I can't offer tons of my time but I end up programming some time each week just cause I find it enjoyable.

I've got a bit of an engine started (nowhere near complete, most portions not even started), but I keep making changes. I just bought Code Complete 2 (I love it so far) to help me learn what to work on first. I just find programming fun. I'd like to have fun working on a significant project with a small team online.

Serious offers only, but again even just a few hours a week, and even trying something and it failing is good enough. I just don't want progress to become completely stagnant week by week.

Duoas: being that you have 6K+ posts here, I'm sure you know what you're doing. I'm sure even an inkling of your time every once in a while or so would be much appreciated, if you're interested.

EDIT: One of my engineering friends from college is very interested in software as well. He wanted to join in on this, yet he's relocating for his new job right now so it will be a few weeks at least until he's able to spend any time on it. We agree that it should be something graphical and fun though.
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I am simply amazed noone wants to take me up on this offer.
Hi, are you still looking for people to join your team? It would be quite interesting to work on something like this. I've been using c++ for several months now and prior to that I was using c#. I began working on a 3D game engine a while back that used c++, opengl (though freeglut), openal, and lua but lost interest due to the complexity of it. I've also worked on several 2D game's too but I've never finished any of them. I'm defiantly willing to help though if your still looking for people.

Edit: I just created a account on here when I noticed this great opportunity bu t I have a Stack Overflow account too to show you that I'm legit and not fake, my username is xDarkShadowx
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Hey excellent xDarkShadowKnightx!

Yeah my screenname on aim is x89codered89

send me a message. we'll go from there.
I see to be having trouble signing up for aim. Do you have a gmail or skype?
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