OpenGL / GLUT Questions

windows 7 64-bit
MinGW 4.6.2
Code::Blocks 10.05

according to 'GPU cap viewer' my OpenGL version is 4.2.0
and im not sure if this matters im not realy sure what it is, but
my OpenCL is on version 1.1

i only know C++, im not really sure what other languages OpenGL supports but from the files inside GLUT it appeared C is pretty popular in it.

now its not that im having problems running openGL on codeblocks im just wondering if im doing right if there is a better way or well yeah anything someone with experience can help of now i just want to make 2d games, obviously start off basic (pong, asteroids, ect.)

so i haven't linked any GLUT files anywhere yet(my GLUT version is 3.7), and as for OpenGL well there isn't really a download for that since it comes with the drivers of you're GPU, so as far as i know there isnt even a directory for openGL to link any files to or from.

in codeblocks i make a new project, select openGL and the code it provides works fine, it launches the little window with the colorful triangle rotating.

now im wondering if instead of making every application i do in OpenGL through that default project, if i should make a custom template, or something else.

i have no experience with OpenGL at all so this is really just questions about what to do and where to start with it, if i left any vital information out let me know and ill fix it, so any OpenGL pros out there have any advice on what to do to start making games please let me know! thanks in advance!
Wow, I'm currently learning OpenGL (just beginner) :)
But, please move your topic to "Windows Programming". It's the best place to go.
Hi Naughtyusername

Ignore Jackson Marie (80) - he is a troll IMO.

This page is fine for your question - the Windows page is for MS specific code.

I am sure you can find a tutorial for OPenGl on the web if you Google it.

Hope all goes well !!
ok thank you, i have found some tutorials, havent followed any yet, i thought id come here first and see if anyone with experience could share how they build their programs and any tips.
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